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access control systems and biometrics
April 1st, 2003

Cansec Introduces Zodiac Lite and Zodiac PC Logon at ISC West

Cansec is pleased introduce our new Zodiac Lite and Zodiac PC Logon biometric products.

Zodiac Lite is a new stand-alone fingerprint reader designed for single door/device applications for up to 99 users, using 1:99 matching (fingerprint only). Using a battery operated, hand-held programmer, users are enrolled directly at the unit. No software or PC is required. Once a user is authenticated, a signal is sent to a relay control module installed on the secure side of the door. This relay can be used to control a lock or to enable another device.

Zodiac PC Logon represents a major breakthrough for an access control manufacturer, as we can now provide a single biometric smart card solution that can be used for both physical and logical access control. During a quick enrollment process, user's smart cards are programmed with their Windows user name and password. To log-on to the PC, the user presents the smart card to the reader. The reader then extracts the fingerprint template and user ID and password. The fingerprint scanner then turns ON and the user presents their finger for authentication. If the fingerprint matches the one stored on the card, the Windows user ID and password are passed on the Windows operating system for local authentication. The same smart card will also work on Cansec's Zodiac Fingerprint Reader for door access control.

access control systems and biometrics
April 10, 2002
Global Trade Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new Maestro Audit File Exporter module. 

Maestro Audit File Exporter is a software module developed to interface with all Maestro software versions. The software will export the Maestro audit file into an ASCII Comma Delimited or a DBF file format.  The audit file can be filtered based on Date, Time, and Card range, Access Granted, and Access Denied parameters. It also provides the ability to export cardholder's name, cardholder's ID, and all 10 Maestro's user defined fields.

 The resulting file could then be imported into any 3rd party software application for further processing. All Maestro User Defined fields are shown on the screen with their real-time names, giving the operator the flexibility of choosing some or all of the Maestro database fields. The resulting file can be saved to any available local or network drive.

This module was developed using CANSEC's SAGE Software Development Kit.

To download brochure on Maestro Audit File Exporter 

 click on the appropriate link  ENGLISH  or ESPAСOL

access control systems and biometrics

August 2, 2001:




GLOBAL TRADE SOLUTIONS, INC. is pleased to report that our presence at this year's America's Security Expo was a complete success.

Our visitors were exposed to new CANSEC products available and became familiar with our family of first class Access Control products.

GLOBAL TRADE SOLUTIONS organized a draw for a complete SmartLock Online System, CANSEC's latest innovation. The lucky winner was Fatima Perez from TIME SRL, Asunciуn, Paraguay, who was extremely happy for winning such a precious gift.

Our warmest congratulations to Fatima!

access control systems and biometrics